Testing Your Security System

Asheboro Fire & Security tests your alarm system when we install it. If we have converted your monitoring system from a previous service provider, we test all of your system components at that time to ensure they were properly communicating to the central station facility.

Things like phone line failures, lightning or power surges, or a change in phone service (adding DSL or Internet Protocol service) may cause your normally reliable security system to become incapable of doing its job. In these cases, we do offer other monitoring options as well to find the right solution for your needs.

Asheboro Fire & Security encourages all of our customers to test their systems monthly to ensure their system is ready in case of an emergency.

To test your alarm, follow these instructions:

  1. If you have an Asheboro Fire & Security system, put your system on test mode by calling the monitoring company at 1-855-629-3881. Be prepared to give them either your password or account number.
  2. Set system as if you were leaving your house, then wait a few minutes to allow delay on door to time out.
  3. Try to set the alarm off by walking through the house. Open doors and windows with contacts on them and walk in front of the motion detector.
  4. Allow the alarm to sound for at least 90 seconds before turning it off.
  5. Call the monitoring company again to make sure that they received signals from your system. If they did not, please call us right away, and notify us that something isn't functioning properly.
For more information about testing your system, or to speak to one of our experts about your personalized security setup, please call Asheboro Fire & Security at 336-629-3881.