The Most Modern GPS Tracking Systems

If you are a commercial or residential client with high-value assets or vehicle, you need a way to protect them, track them, and always keep them close. As one of our newest and most modern options, GPS Tracking from Asheboro Fire & Security goes beyond the normal options that our company provides, and offers so much more.

With GPS Tracking, you can work with linked-in networks of true professionals who will monitor the situation of your valuables from centralized command centers all over the country. These teams are also linked to additional security teams in the field who can then respond to alarms, and even head out on recovery expeditions at your request.

sheboro Fire & Security has access to these networks, and can give you the protections you need for your most essential items.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

Tracking your assets through GPS is easier than ever. These systems are designed to be mobile and work with you from anywhere on almost any device. They feature several device tracking options, as well as a cloud-based app that works for you when and where you need it

GPS Tracking systems from Asheboro Fire & Security can offer:

  • Comprehensive Asset Location Viewer
  • Clickable Locator Capabilities
  • Email or Text Notifications for Unauthorized Use
  • Excessive Speed Notifications (Vehicles)
  • Customized General Notifications (Ignitions, speeding, logins, and more)
  • Time Period Violations
  • And more…
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